'The Originals': More girl and brother trouble coming for Klaus

Klaus on "The Originals" never has it easy, but it is safe to say the hybrid causes a lot of his own problems. That will continue to be the case. On March 26, TV Line shared new spoilers about Klaus' romantic life. TV Guide also shared new scoop on the hybrid, but the focus was on his relationship with Elijah.
Klaus is now spending time with a witch. There isn't a thought about Caroline on his mind. Will he stay with the witch that revealed his sister's plot to him though? It isn't likely. Joseph Morgan shared this inside scoop with TV line:
They’re two extremely damaged people who share a sense of self-loathing and they take it out on each other — sometimes physically, sometimes aggressively. Ultimately, a relationship like that can be fun, but it’s doomed, I would say, from the start.
What else is doomed? The peace Klaus tried to create in New Orleans. His plot with the wolves in the city will cause problems, and Elijah will be forced to clean up his brother's mess again. A sneak peek for the next episode shows a tense moment between the brothers. Julie Plec teased the following about the brotherly fight: See more
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