'Grimm' Season 5 Episode 7 Spoilers: Eve To Have a Big Scene with Nick?

Viewers saw the midseason finale of "Grimm" season 5 with a massive revelation, and with a big twist like that, fans wonder what the midseason premiere will bring, once the show comes back next year from its long hiatus.
The major surprise from last Friday's episode was Juliette's (Bitsie Tulloch) return, but it is actually Eve in her body. TV Line described her as "a mysterious woman working with Hadrian's Wall," and the character is said to have access to Juliette's memories but lacks the latter's "emotional attachments."
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During Tulloch's interview with the website, she said that Eve's look is a little bit more dramatic since she can't be seen by anybody who knows that Juliette is dead. "I started watching Alias over the summer, because I was like, 'All right, she's got to be incognito.'"… That's been really fun — skintight leather and these awesome wigs that she wears whenever she's out," the actress added. With regard to her character's role, Enstarz said that Eve will be "Hadrian Wall's most prized weapon" in the battle against the Black Claw.
The co-creators of the series, David Greenwalt and James Kouf, also spoke with TV Line and the former teased that Eve will have a big scene with Nick (David Giuntoli). According to Greenwalt, Nick will then realize that Eve is completely different from Juliette, and fans can't wait to see the confrontation between the two in the next episode.
The synopsis of the upcoming midseason premiere was posted on Hollywood Hills, and it reads, "A global plan to end humanity and only the Grimm have the keys to survival." The episode was directed by John Behring and was written by Thomas Ian Griffith.
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