Why 'Quantico' Was Priyanka Chopra's First Choice for a TV Role

Jonesing for some Quantico spoilers? So is series star Priyanka Chopra… and her mom.
“People ask me for them all the time, but I have a great answer… I don’t know myself,” the international movie, music — and now TV — star tells Yahoo TV about her FBI/terrorist plot-themed ABC drama series. “I’ve insisted the writers don’t tell me anything more than [my character] knows, because it’s through Alex’s eyes that the audience unravels everything. I think for me, it works really well that I don’t know what’s happening, and I find out as every episode goes along.”
Chopra’s mom, Madhu, is another story.
“She’s like, ‘I need to binge watch the show. I hate it every time an episode ends. I want to know what’s happening!’ She gets so annoyed. She’s someone who loves her crime fix at night… she’s a CSI fan,” Chopra says. “So she’s always trying to get spoilers out of the writers whenever she’s on set. She’s like, ‘Just tell me one thing. Just tell me one more thing!’”
Hopefully Mama Chopra has a good supply of storyline hints to tide her over for the next few months, because after the Dec. 13 midseason finale, Quantico doesn’t return to the ABC lineup with new episodes until March. Sunday’s “Inside” promises to be a satisfying watch — the identity of the Grand Central terrorists is revealed — and will leave viewers with a heap of cliffhangers.
“There’s a lot that happens in [episode] 11. I think it’s a very befitting midseason finale, for sure, for when it’s going to air, for all that’s going to happen,” Chopra says. “We’re just starting to shoot 12. Even I am psyched about where this show is going. It’s going to be a shocker… There’s so much. And it’s Quantico, so, of course, there will be twists. I consider myself a really smart TV watcher. When I watch TV, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s what’s going to happen.’ I always can predict it, but I can’t do it with this show. That’s what I love about it.”
Chopra, who received a Favorite Actress in a New TV Series People’s Choice Award nomination for her performance as FBI trainee Alex Parrish, is grateful, but not surprised by Quantico’s success… she read a lot — dozens — of scripts before landing on the thriller as her entrée into American TV land.

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