Q&A with Rachel Boston, Part 2

The Season 1 Finale cast a spell on audiences. Rachel Boston chatted with me exclusively about the funniest behind-the-scenes moments, the major plot points throughout the season, the crazy cliffhangers, and what she hopes for future episodes of “Witches of East End!”
Throughout the season, several characters reveal themselves as evil or as having less-than-honorable intentions, and there is a lot of loss (Adam dies from a spell, Penelope is the shifter, Mike is insane). How will Ingrid continue to cope with this disappointment, and how will it affect her as a woman and a witch?
I was reading a poem called “Good Timber” while we filmed the episode where Ingrid lost Adam, and I love this line: “Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.” Through all of Ingrid’s tragedies and disappointments, she grows stronger. Through the loss of love, she uses her magic to bring Adam’s spirit back and begins to understand her heart and the power of love inside. Through the shifter and her past life dream, she learns about betrayal. Through Mike she painfully learns the truth about who she is and that she is the key to another world. Her heart continues to be broken open as she develops into a strong witch and woman. Life lessons and love become very complicated and powerful when you find out you are a witch. More at
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