Claire Holt HINTS Storyline for 'The Originals' Actress Leah Pipes, Season One Episode 16 SPOILERS: Can Elijah Stop Klaus From Killing Rebekah

The Mikelson siblings have some serious deep rooted issues, and things will only intensify for Klaus, Elijah and Rebecka in the upcoming episode of "The Originals" as the three find themselves trapped in a graveyard!
According to Wetpaint, episode 16 titled, "Farewell to Storyville," sets out with the Original vamps entangled in a spell keeping them trapped in a graveyard for 24 hours, courtesy of Celeste. But with Klaus on a mission to seek vengeance on his sister, tings will only continue to spiral out of control for the family.
In the promo trailer for episode 16, Klaus is seen yelling out his sister's name while making it pretty clear she will not be forgiven for her previous mishaps against him anytime soon.
"Rebekah!" Klaus yells. "You are accused of betraying your own blood!"
"Stay as far away from him as you can," Marcel warns his beloved Rebekah over the phone as the vampire sister is forced into a game of hide and seek with her deranged brother.
"He's going to kill me," Rebekah responds.
Luckily, the blonde beauty has some help on the inside as her brother Elijah makes Klaus very aware that he's not going to allow him to hurt their sister.
"How long will you protect her?" Klaus asks Elijah.
"As long as it takes!" Elijah replies.
Looks like a war is brewing between the Mickelson's, and as Klaus as adamant on unleashing his furry on to Rebekah we can only hope Celeste's spell is broken before Klaus finds her.
While we have to wait for the next episode of "The Originals" to air before we can find out exactly how Rebekah manages to survive Klaus, actress Claire Holt, who plays Rebekah, recently dished that another character who's often in the hot seat will continue to survive the wrath of the vampires! See more
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