Exclusive Interview: Rachel Boston on A RING BY SPRING and Season 2 of WITCHES OF EAST END

Actress Rachel Boston’s career is going through an enchanted phase right now. Not only does the Tennessee-born actress play hereditary magic user Ingrid Beauchamp in Lifetime’s THE WITCHES OF EAST END – Season 2 is about to begin production – but she also stars in Hallmark’s A RING BY SPRING, which airs on Hallmark Channel.
Boston, whose credits include AMERICAN DREAMS, THE EX LIST, (500) DAYS OF SUMMER and IN PLAIN SIGHT, is present at Hallmark’s banquet for their producers, stars and the Television Critics Association. The actress is seated at a table with her RING cast mate Stefanie Powers.Boston turns her chair sideways to chat about both her TV movie and series gigs.

ASSIGNMENT X: Does A RING BY SPRING have a slight supernatural element to it?
RACHEL BOSTON: Yes, it does!
AX: So do you feel like you’re sort of immersed in the world of precognition and spells at this point?
BOSTON: I guess that magical element I do hope to carry into a lot of my work after my WITCHES experience [laughs], but [in RING] I play a young woman.  A psychic, played by Stefanie Powers, tells me that I’m going receive a ring by spring or I will never marry. And that just lights a little fire under my soul to go out and put myself out there and consider why I haven’t been married, if I do want a partner in life and what life path I want to go down.
AX: How did you fit A RING BY SPRING in with your shooting schedule for WITCHES? See more
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