Exclusive Interview with A RING BY SPRING star Stefanie Powers

Hallmark Channel holds an annual dinner for its executives, creative staff, movies and series stars and invites the Television Critics Association members to attend as well. This year, it’s atPasadena’s Huntington Library, which houses classic works of painting, sculpture and science, along with a collection of rare books.
Actress Stefanie Powers is one of the attending guests, having costarred in Hallmark Channel’s A RING BY SPRING, which premieres Saturday, March 9 at 7 PM. Powers, who starred opposite Robert Wagner in five seasons of the romantic detective series HART TO HART, among many other projects, is by now perhaps as famous for her conservation work in Africa as she is for her acting. In an after-dinner conversation, she discusses both.
STEFANIE POWERS: It’s a television movie for the Hallmark Channel and we did it up inCanada. “A ring by spring” is a prediction made by a woman, whom I play, to a young lady [played by Rachel Boston] who has been looking for love but has decided that it’s probably not for her, because nothing has ever worked out. She comes to a charity event and she meets me and I read her cards and I say, “You will have a ring by spring, or you will never marry.” And then along comes this lovely fellow [played by Kirby Morrow] and she turns him down, and there is no ring by spring, and then we run into each other again and I bully her. Eventually, as with all Hallmark movies, things work out and there’s a happy ending. See more
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