'Grimm': 'Being Human' star Sam Witwer talks about playing a Blutbad in a Wesen carnival

Sam Witwer is used to acting in a TV series with a supernatural storyline. He plays the vampire, "Aidan," on the Syfy series, "Being Human," after all. But when Witwer was in Portland not long ago to play a Blutbad on "Grimm," he found there was a learning curve.
"You know, it's funny," says Witwer, by phone from Los Angeles. "On the set, I was asking for a lot of explanations. And people were like, don't you know all this stuff? You're on 'Being Human.' I said, we don't do it like that. I had to have a lot of stuff explained to me, and Silas was a real champ about that."
That would be Silas Weir Mitchell, who plays Monroe in "Grimm," the Blutbad who has reformed and now eats a vegetarian diet, as opposed to chowing down on more fleshy fare.
Witwer is a guest star in Friday night's "Grimm" episode, titled, "The Show Must Go On."
In "Being Human," Witwer plays a vampire, who is housemates with a werewolf and a ghost. His role as a Blutbad -- "that means werewolf, is that the idea?" -- in "Grimm" gave Witwer a chance to spend time with his pal, David Giuntoli. In "Grimm," Giuntoli plays Nick Burkhardt, the Portland Police homicide detective who discovered he's a Grimm, a descendant from an ancient order of Wesen hunters. See more
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