Interview: "The Originals" Star Joseph Morgan Talks Playing the Villain and Being Chased Down by Crazed Fans

When Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) debuted on The CW's highly underrated supernatural melodrama The Vampire Diaries during the tail end of the second season, producers and Morgan himself expected the mythical original vampire wouldn't survive the third season. Then, during that year, his mythology expanded with a rich history. It turns out he's the bastard son of an ancient family, also original vamps (and thus, virtually indestructible), and a brat with abandonment issues so intense that he uses special daggers to render his siblings comatose when they go against him.
Fast forward a season and the Mikaelsons, with their supernatural Dynasty-esque drama (which include their parents, fellow immortals who view them as abominations that must be put down), had essentially monopolized the show from characters who existed a full two seasons before their introduction. Much of the blame can be attributed to Morgan and his co-stars Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt, older brother Elijah and younger sister Rebekah, who immediately inhabited the roles with assured performances that made them fan favorites. The show couldn't dare kill them off, and their dysfunctional dynamics provided too much material to write them out. The solution: a spin-off, of course.
Now they headline the simply titled The Originals and in a mere half season, have managed to step out of TVD's shadow into a supernatural series that is mature, darker, and yes, sexier. Complex talked with Joseph Morgan the same day The CW announced a no-brainer season two renewal, and according to him, they're just getting started. More at
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