'The Originals' react: Chapter 2(000)

I have two words for you all: Baby Mikaelsons! How adorable were the accented little ones in those flashbacks?! I’m pretty positive there’s nothing better, though I’m still not sure why Elijah’s had an Australian accent, but never the mind! This episode was all about the three siblings, their 1,000-year story thus far, and where they go from here. Let’s dive in.
We started on a flashback to the days when baby Rebekah was scared of a thunderstorm and baby Klaus promised to always stay with her, no matter what. We then cut right from there to Klaus’ angry “Rebekah!!!” yell we’ve come to know so well. Standing between his younger siblings, Elijah told Rebekah to “leave us now.” It was Papa Tunde’s knife vs. the white oak stake and age vs. hybridness as Elijah vowed to protect Rebekah for “as long as it takes, by whatever means necessary.”
Meanwhile, Marcel was trying to use Davina to find a loophole in Celeste’s spell. The only problem was that a bag full of scented candles didn’t seem to erase the awful memories Davina had of death. Although the other three harvest witches that had been resurrected claimed their ancestors helped them on the other side, Davina’s experience wasn’t so bright and shiny. Because she had betrayed her own kind, the witches threatened to do horrible things to Davina if she misused her magic again. Davina wasn’t sure whom she could trust, so Marcel went straight to Genevieve, who was now in charge of the French Quarter coven. Genevieve explained how Davina was shunned by her ancestors because of her alliance to Marcel. In order to lift the boundary spell on the cemetery, Genevieve wanted Davina to come live with her own kind. She promised to teach her, and Marcel agreed. See more
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