'The Originals' Season 1 Episode 18 SPOILERS: Klaus Betraying Elijah For Werewolf Relatives? Genevieve Building Army Against Vampire

Division seems to be the theme of the next episode of "The Originals."
Elijah may be trying his best bring the witches, werewolfs and vamps together in the French Quarter, but much to his dismay his counterparts are making sneaky advances towards separation.
While Elijah already has to keep a watchful eye out for his menacing brother, Klaus, the Original gets donned with the agonizing task of presiding over the annual Feast of Blessings, which is a yearly festival where the supernaturals give offerings to the witches in return for prosperity, WetPaint reported. Only adding to Elijah's stresses, supreme witches Genevieve and Monique are steadily increasing their band of witches in an attempt to start an all out war against their enemies.

Klaus has given the witches several reasons to create an army against him, but with Marcel also enlisting his fellow vampires to help fight whatever Klaus is doing with the witches, the Original Mikaelson brother may soon find himself caught in the cross fire.
It should come to no surprise that Klaus is also plotting some mischief of his own. Once again going behind his brother's back, Klaus aims to track down a distant werewolf relative named Cary. Also in an attempt to keep up his relationship with the witches, he offers Davina a gift that she won't be able to refuse. See more
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