'A Ring by Spring' a romance on Hallmark Channel

"A Ring by Spring" is a Hallmark Original Movie that premiered on Hallmark Channel on March 8, 2014. The romance stars Rachel Boston, Kirby Morrow and Stefanie Powers.
The romance stars Rachel Boston (“Witches of East End”), Kirby Morrow (“Lego Star Wars”) and Stefanie
Powers (“Hart to Hart”). The film also stars Chris Jacot (“Eureka”), Ali Liebert (“Tom Dick & Harriet”) and Chad Krowchuk (“Man of Steel”).
Caryn Briggs (Boston) is a fiercely independent businesswomen who has alway been skeptical about marriage, seeling commitment as throwing away her future. At the age of 30, Caryn has had a steady string of boyfriends, but the realationships have always ended. Her current boyfriend, Bryce (Jacot), is rather uptight and controlling.
At a fundraising event with her friends Gregg (Krowchuk) and Stephanie (Liebert), Caryn agrees to having her fortune read at a charity booth run by gypsy fortuneteller Madame Rue (Powers), who predicts that Caryn will have a ring by spring. Caryn takes that to mean that if she does not have a ring by spring she will never marry.
Caryn starts a new job where she seems to have a lot in common with her laid-back boss Tom Halsey (Morrow). The two have a friendly relationship and find it easy to talk with eachother.
The fortuneteller's prediction starts to bother Caryn when Stephanie and Gregg’s fortunes come true. Caryn worries she might be closer to a ring than she thought and the most likely prosepct would be from her uptight boyfriend, Bryce. She worries that he is going to propose, but he breaks up with her instead, telling her that she is not marriage material.See more
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