‘The Originals’ season 1, episode 15 recap: Family drama

The Originals season 1, episode 15, “Le Grand Guignol,” aired this week and it brought us to a very, very interesting showdown. Check out our recap and let us know what you thought of the episode!
Being Progressive
-Episode begins in 1919, where Klaus is partying with his brother and their werewolf friend. Werewolves, vampires and witches were all friends then.
-In present day, Klaus is ill in bed from the dagger he got stabbed with.
-Elijah called Cami to help Klaus because he thinks she’s the only person he’ll listen to.
-Elijah takes the dagger out of Klaus and asks Cami to keep an eye on Klaus and have him feed on her since her blood is laced with vervain and it’ll keep him weak until he listens.
-Meanwhile, Haley kidnapped Sabine and brought her to her family’s cabin. She wants Sabine to undo the curse on her family that she performed in the ’90s.
-Cami asks why Klaus hates her sister, and it’s because she ripped his heart out by bringing Michael.
-In 1919, Klaus is well aware that Rebekah and Marcel are dating. He does a toast to them.
-Klaus tells Rebekah she just wanted her to be happy, that’s why he killed her loves.
-Cami thinks Klaus is consumed by revenge he’ll never achieve; Marcel and Rebekah can be anywhere.
-Rebekah and Marcel are hiding in their car, and they think Klaus will chase them forever. They need a cloaking spell, and want to bring back Davina.
-They have to kill the three witches that brought Klaus down, and Klaus realizes this.

Haley: Love or Leave her?
-Elijah goes to visit Monique Deveraux and thinks that Sabine will disappear. He says there’s a way for Monique to be safe no matter what Sabine’s objectives are.
-Rebekah and Marcel go to Thierry for their help, and he is not enthused.
-Michael, their father, comes to talk to Marcel after watching him with Rebekah earlier. He can tell that Marcel wants Klaus gone, but he has no idea who he called.
-Michael promises not to hurt Rebekah, and that he can have the city but he wants to know where Klaus is.
-Sabine gives Haley a potion to help break the spell that was put on her family.
-Elijah comes and thinks that she shouldn’t trust Sabine, so he runs away and takes the potion and Sabine with him.  See More
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