The Originals Season 1 Episode 15: Official Syponsis for "Le Grand Guignol"

We don’t know about you but The Vampire Diaries spin-off certainly knows how to simultaneously regale and shock us. One second we’re observing a horde of naked werewolves strut their way onto the Mikaelsons’ property and the next we’re watching as freshly resurrected Monique murders her aunt. (Death by hemorrhage….Shudder!) Moreover, whereas all the Klaus and Rebekah torture scenes in  “Long Way Back from Hell” will mostly likely leave fang fans cringing, The OriginalsSeason 1 Episode 15 will definitely leave us swooning. Why? Because we’re heading to the opera for a night of fancy folly and danger, loves!
The episode, titled “Le Grand Guignol” — which just so happens to be a Parisian theatre renowned for it’s naturalistic horror shows and amoral horror entertainment — is soaked with blood, drama, and lush vignettes from the Mikaelson’s high society past in NOLA. Strange alliances are forged and witches are taken hostage. Additionally, in more horrifying news, it seems as though Klaus ultimately discovers Rebekah and Marcel’s dark secret — namely, that they and Genevieve conspired to run him out of town by luring Mikael to the French Quarter — and he’s not happy about it at all. More at
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