The Walking Dead Alone Non-Spoiler Review: Pieces Coming Together

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was very much a character story. The “Still” episode provided a great deal more insight into the characters of Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene, but it didn’t really address a lot of the burning questions that fans are waiting to have answered. We’ve seen an advance screening of the “Alone” episode of The Walking Dead, but we’re not allowed to give away any spoilers, so here’s what we can tell you about the tone of the episode (along with some stuff already evident from previews).
The “Alone” episode also provides some more character insight, but it also goes much further in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. There is more Daryl and Beth in the “Alone” episode, but they are not the sole focus of the episode. As shown in previews, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob Stookey also are a big part of the “Still” episode.
While the “Still” episode does a pretty good job of balancing the time between cast members, there is a character, who gets quite a bit more screen time than he has in the past. Up until this point on the show, Bob Stookey is probably best remembered as the character that got Beth’s boyfriend killed and that Daryl got angry at because he was more concerned about picking up a bottle of booze than medical supplies.
Bob Stookey has been one of the most mysterious characters on The Walking Dead, as fans seem divided over whether he’s a good guy, an evil twisted creep, or a worthless drunk. Some suspect that Stookey might have been behind feeding the walkers and the rat dissection at the prison, even though Lizzie is a likely suspect as well. See more
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