‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Another One (Essentially) Bites The Dust

Boy, things have been pretty sad over in ‘Walking Dead’ land ever since the Governor laid waste to the prison back in December, huh? Luckily, on the March 9 episode ‘Alone,’ things got much better for everyone’s favorite zombie apocalypse survivors. Just kidding!

Things just got a whole lot crappier for at least two beloved characters on The Walking Dead. From major Walker kills to sweet reunions to kidnappings to tribes of maybe-cannibals to Daryl (Norman Reedus) complimenting Beth’s (Emily Kinney) singing, read all about tonight’s madness below!

‘The Walking Dead’ — Beth Kidnapped After Bonding With Daryl

How do you find your way out of a potentially controversial romantic pairing? Get the female half kidnapped, of course!
Okay, so we don’t know for sure that Beth was kidnapped, but I’m pretty sure that she would never hop in a car and leave Daryl at the drop of a hat — unless, of course, the car was being driven by Tom Waits. Beth’s kidnapping was gut-wrenching, because — unlike last week, which felt like a strange diversion, not to mention a bit heavy-handed in the metaphor department — her scenes with Daryl were sweet, optimistic, and most importantly realistic this week. See more
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