The Walking Dead sneak peek: Tyreese and Carol split up?

In the last episode of The Walking Dead, "Alone," some of the survivors were split apart and reunited, while others were just split apart.
Maggie, Sasha and Bob made a good team and even found a way to fight walkers in blinding fog. But when Sasha decided that she wanted to stop at some random town and find more permanent shelter rather than keep looking for Terminus and Glenn, Maggie put her foot down and struck out on her own. It was a scary moment, wondering if Maggie would die out on the road by herself. It became even scarier when Bob made the decision to split from Sasha and go out looking for Maggie. Suddenly all three of them were by themselves and it was with a huge sigh of relief that fans saw them reunited at the end of the episode.

Say it ain't so! Is The Walking Dead setting up Daryl and Beth? >>

Things didn't go nearly as well for Daryl and Beth. They found themselves a well-stocked funeral home and the two were getting on quite well with plenty of food and a nice, quiet place to lay their weary heads. But peace never lasts for long on The Walking Dead and soon they were overrun by walkers and forced to split up. But as has become a running theme on the show, it was a band of humans that were much more dangerous when they kidnapped Beth and left Daryl alone on the road. He was soon found by a group of hooligans, the very same group that threatened Rick, Michonne and Carl not too long ago. See more
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