‘Vampire Diaries’: How Luke’s ‘Loyalty’ To Liv Could Ruin Everything

When we found out Luke’s real identity at the end of the March 18 episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ we knew things were about to get real. And now we’ve talked to the man behind the character who revealed just how dynamic his intentions are.

Luke (Chris Brochu) isn’t just the new guy on campus at Whitmore College, but he may just be what comes between the core group on The Vampire DiariesHollywoodLife.com chatted with Chris before the new episode and he revealed that Luke’s relationship with Liv (Penelope Mitchell) may just be stronger than anyone can handle.

‘Vampire Diaries’: Luke Plays ‘Balancing Act’

When it comes to Luke, we haven’t seen much just yet — just that he’s the brother of Liv, the witch that is pretending to not know she is a witch to get closer to Bonnie. However, we don’t yet know why they want to get close.

“The biggest thing between Liv and myself is the loyalty, the family bond. It’s that blood’s thicker than water,” Chris told HollywoodLife.com exclusively before the episode. “You know, he will always be there for his sister, because his sister has always been there for him. So they very much have that kind of balancing dynamic. Liv is very a go getter and Luke — he follows the rules but he also follows his heart in situations, so I think that kind of balance is what’s going to be interesting to the viewers and as well the storyline coming up, leading up to the finale.”

However, on the new episode, the synopsis teases an “unsettling encounter” that Luke will have with Bonnie, followed by Liv making a deal with Jeremy (Steven McQueen) that upsets Elena (Nina Dobrev). See more
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