'The Walking Dead' Season 4, episode 14 recap: 'The Grove' is where innocence dies

"The Walking Dead" has finally proven once and for all that the true horror of a zombie apocalypse lies in the people it affects instead of the monsters it creates. And, sometimes, those two things are one and the same.

Truly it's going to take a while and several viewings to process the devastating and horrifying events of Season 4, episode 14 "The Grove." The audience has known for the majority of the season that there is something seriously damaged about Lizzie. But to find her with her younger sister's blood covering her hands while pleading with Carol and Tyreese to wait until Mika changed into a walker to prove she is still the same person was heartbreaking and disturbing.

"The Walking Dead" Season 4 has been about the way the apocalypse changes people. It's focused on showing how living in a world filled with walkers affects the youth, especially in the story of Lizzie and Mika. This episode especially highlighted that, as Mika couldn't live because she is too sweet, and Lizzie couldn't live because she no longer could see the difference between human and monster.

Maybe the change in morality that the zombie apocalypse has brought on the still-living characters has turned them into monsters as well. Mika says something ahead of her years when she says that she pities the humans who try to kill their group because they probably weren't that bloodthirsty or desperate to survive beforehand. And she was probably right. See more
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