'The Walking Dead' Season 4: Is Rick still the most important character? (poll)

CLEVELAND, Ohio – There was no doubt from the first episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead" (or the cover of the first comic book) who the main character was.
It was so easy to connect to the terror felt by Rick Grimes (played excellently by Andrew Lincoln) as he awoke in a hospital to discover a horrifying version of the world he once knew.
As the show progressed and supporting characters took on larger roles, Rick still remained the major focal point. However, towards the end of Season 3 a shift started to take place. The season was split between the situation at the prison and the events at Woodbury.
That shift has been even more extreme during Season 4, whose first half focused heavily on The Governor (to a fault, if you ask me). Now, during the second of half of Season 4, we've seen the least amount of Rick since the show began in 2011. See more
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