'The Walking Dead': Who will die? (And other fearless finale theories)

Yay! Me made it to Terminus! Sooooooooo…what now? And what is Terminus anyway? And who might not make it out of the season alive? Now presenting: a few fearless theories as to what may happen on Sunday’s season 4 finale of The Walking Dead.

Terminus = To Serve Man
Remember that famous episode of The Twilight Zone where some aliens come down and say they want to take humans to show them their planet. And then the humans decipher the title of the book one of the aliens is carrying as “To Serve Man,” and say “Awwww, isn’t that sweet. They do want to help us.” One problem: IT WAS A FREAKIN’ COOKBOOK!
Could our survivors be walking into a similar trap at Terminus, only this time it is fellow humans doing the cooking…and eating? Well, for one thing, that was a pretty big grill kindly-seeming Mary was tending to when Glenn and company arrived. Also, let us not forget that after fleeing the prison in the comic book, Rick and Co. went up against a group of cannibals called The Hunters who kidnapped a dying Dale and unknowingly chomped on his infected leg. (Surprise!)

Food is getting scarce in the apocalypse so this could be the natural next step in that gnarly progression. But there are other questions about Terminus. Like, why the hell is the gate unlocked so any old zombie can just stroll right in? And why was there nobody there to take the group’s weapons, as mandated on the sign? Clearly some mysteries still to be unraveled here. Let’s just hope the plate of food Mary offered them wasn’t…you know, Beth. See more

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