Which Harry Potter Role Did Joseph Morgan Audition For?

Not only is Originals star Joseph Morgan an avid reader, but he made a point to make his first acting audition for a role in a Harry Potter film. Yeah, you heard us.
Can you picture it? Joseph walking those hallowed halls of Hogwarts and casting spells alongside Harry, Hermione, and Ron? Klaus Mikaelson would never allow it, but we’ll admit that it makes us excited just thinking about it. But who did this studly actor want to play?
Wetpaint Entertainment asked Viggle users this exact question during the March 4 episode of The Originals Season 1, Episode 15 (“Le Grand Guignol”) — and the results are in.
Here’s where we blow your mind. Joseph actually auditioned for the role of Tom Riddle (you know, the dude that became Lord Voldemort). Minds blown, right? 34 percent of Viggle users were right on the money, correctly guessing that JoMo almost played one of the most villainous characters in history — you know, besides Klaus.
Almost half of the voters, 46 percent, thought that Joseph had auditioned for the role of Cedric Diggory — the role that eventually went to a pre-Twilight Robert Pattinson. Only 20 percent of Viggle users thought that Joseph had gone out for the role of Charlie Weasley (the one who worked with dragons). More At
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