Once Upon a Time’ season 3, episode 16 recap:

Once Upon a Time ventures down the yellow brick road to uncover the story of the Wicked Witch on tonight’s episode, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”
Witches, and cyclones, and emeralds, oh my! Tonight’s season 3, episode 16, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” tips its cap to The Wizard of Oz several times as it explains the truth behind Zelena’s past and reveals her plans for the future. Check out our full recap for what lies down the yellow brick road!
Twisted Stories: One way to arrive in Oz is via cyclone. A pair of travelers on the yellow brick road stumble upon a baby in a basket tied with a green ribbon. The husband does not want to take in the baby after watching her move a tree with a wave of her hand, but his wife insists on raising her inside the city of Oz.
In Storybrooke, Neal is lain to rest in the forest. At a wake in Granny’s Diner, Hook checks in with Emma, who would rather throw darts than try to process her anger with alcohol. Although vengeance will not make her feel better, Hook proposes something that may take Henry’s mind off of the whispering crowds. Killian takes Henry out to the docks to share the stories of the boy he took on board the Jolly Roger. Their quality time may help both of them process Neal’s death.
Zelena’s foster father teaches her to always put on her best face no matter what you feel inside. Not a practitioner of his own advice, Zelena’s father openly disapproves of her magical abilities. Zelena heads to Oz to consult the man behind the curtain, the Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz. The wizard tells her about Cora’s decision to abandon her firstborn after she realized that Zelena would never be able to marry into royalty.
The wizard grants her non-copyrighted silver slippers to take her to Rumpelstiltskin, the man responsible for teaching her sister. Showing up in Regina’s room, Rumple discovers Cora’s secret first daughter and recognizes Zelena shows great promise, but her jealously stands in the way of a breakthrough.
Sister, Sister: Tinker Bell attempts to strike up some gossip at Neal’s wake when she spots Robin’s lion tattoo. Regina tries to avoid the mistakes of her past, but when Zelena arrives, she leaves Regina to find out the truth of their relationship and promises to meet her for a showdown on main street at dark.
Down in the vault, Regina finds a letter that proves she is connected to Zelena and will fight her own battle. Regina ventures to the woods, rereading the letter and searching for a haven to process her revelation. Unfortunately, an admirer interrupts her train of thought.
Robin inquires what the piece of paper she clings to reveals about her past. When the master of pickpocketing produces the slip of paper, Regina allows him to read the note, revealing that the discovery of Cora’s first born is the most powerful sorceress ever known. Regina had taken comfort in the fact that she was the subject of the letter during her years of struggle and held onto the confidence the paper gave her. Unfortunately, it was talking about someone else. If the man who taught her everything about magic understands no one can match Zelena’s power, what chance does Regina have? See more
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