'The Tomorrow People' Recap: The Ceasefire That Wasn't

The Tomorrow People sure knows how to keep our hearts racing. "Modus Vivendi" has everything ... love, sex, betrayal, blood and guts, re-animation of a frozen person, jealousy and a wise-cracking super computer.

Bathory declares a desire to strike a modus vivendi with The Tomorrow People. What is that, you ask? Modus vivendi is a fancy way of saying there will be a temporary agreement between warring factions such that they "agree to peacefully disagree" so both sides can conduct the business of life without threat of harm from the opponent. In other words, let's all play nice in the sandbox, capisce? But nothing is as it seems with Bathory, The Founder. Let's dig in!

Jedikiah Stands Vigil, Bathory Screams "Crucify!"

When the episode opens, Jed slips into Ultra, kills his way past two guards, then tries unsuccessfully to shoot his way into the bat cave where The Machine, which I like to call the Stargate, awaits.

Bathory addresses the troops calling for Jed's head on a platter. (This doesn't sound much like a ceasefire, does it? Just wait.) We must put an end to his brutal regime, to your former leader's deranged reprisals, he roars. And a battle cry goes up from the crowd, "Heil Bathory! Off with his head!"

Stephen sends a brain tweet to John about the price on Jedikiah's head and John takes off for Jedikiah's where he's been living next to his frozen brother. Jed pleads with John to join him, but John says you have to leave this place or they will find both of you and what good will that do? But Jed is desperate and he looks like he hasn't been eating or sleeping very well so, yeah, he's a bit deranged.

Stephen, still playing both sides and hoping to find out what his dad was so desperate to tell him during his first visit through the Stargate, eagerly begs Bathory for another spin around the block in The Machine. Bathory pulls a Yoda and tells Stephen he needs to go through his paces and learn to be purposeful with his ability to stop time. Basically, Stephen needs to show that he can raise an X-Wing out of a swamp (thank you, George Lucas) before Bathory will let him back in The Time Machine. See more
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