'The Originals' Season 2 premiere date: Filming on hiatus, Mikael and Esther return, new cast expected

Can't get enough of the Mikaelson vampire drama? Don't fret because the cast and crew are gearing up for an awesome second season.
The release date for "The Originals" season 2 has been confirmed and it will be moved to a different time and date. Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, announced via Twitter "Our season 2 premiere date is MONDAY 6th October 8/7c #theOriginals #CWfallpremieres Who's ready? ;)"
Who's taking over "The Originals" old time slot? It's "Flash," the "Arrow" spin-off. "Flash" will premiere on October 7 and hopefully, the time slot will do just as well for the new CW series.
Meanwhile, the people behind the show have been working so hard since season 1, so the executive producer of the show decided to have a break. In April, Julie Plec tweeted that "Meanwhile The Originals still has 6 days and 3 season 2 eps to shoot before we get a break. Hence my impending death-slash-mental breakdown." Right now, filming is on hiatus.
Moving on to the season 2 spoilers. According to Den of Geek, there will be two new characters who will join the vampire-werewolf-witch drama in New Orleans. One is Kaleb, played by Daniel Sherman of "Teen Wolf," and the other is Lenore, played by Sonja Sohn from "The Wire." Both are witches. Rumor has it that Lenore may be the ultimate villain for the 2nd season.
The other villains in contention for being the ultimate "baddie" of season 2 are Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. In an interview with TV Line, Morgan shared "They're not very happy with us. We're responsible for killing both of them. So I imagine they'll be seeking revenge."
What about werewolf drama? The werewolves will still be prominent in the new season. Leading the way is hybrid Hayley who will be in a very dark place in season 2. She was forced to let the child live with Rebekah. Hayley will do everything to protect her child.
Seems exciting enough for you? It's going to be a short wait, and a worthwhile one at that. Source
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