‘Witches Of East End’ Season 2 Spoilers: Sarah Lancaster Added As Dash’s Love Interest; Who Is Raven Moreau?

Ready for some drama, “Witches of East End” fans? Because rumor has it that trouble will be flying straight into the laps of our favorite witches when the hit Lifetime series introduces a new character to the plot of Season 2.
Sarah Lancaster, who you may remember as Ellie Bartowski from the five-season show “Chuck,” will be taking on a game-changer of a role during the sophomore season as Raven Moreau. Raven will make her East End debut in hopes of completing “life-long secret mission,” TVLine reported. Curious as what it could be? Well, we have a feeling it’s not to sit down and chat with the Beauchamps over tea.
The last time we saw a raven in “WOEE” was on Freya’s wedding day. Penelope had cast a dark spell that took form of a black bird. The animal then came smashing into the Beauchamp home as a warning that danger was lurking nearby. Since then fans have correlated ravens with being bad omens. But could all that change when Raven Moreau struts her way into East End?
Lancaster’s character had been described as “smart, confident and in control” – not to mention love-stricken. Reports suggest she’ll be fluffing up her feathers when one of the Gardiner boys catches her eye. We’re looking at you, Dash! We can’t wait to see Freya’s reaction when she hears the news that yet another outsider has snatched up a man she’s loved. Maybe ravens are bad omens after all…

But according to promo photos from episode 4, “Brothers Grimoire,” Freya has more important things on her mind than who's flirting with her ex-fiancé. Pictures from next week’s episode show Freya and Joanna snooping around a creepy dungeon. Eventually the duo come across a bloodied and battered Victor. For those who don't remember, Victor was captured by an unknown entity on his way to see Frederick at the end of episode 3.
Who would want Victor as a captive? Well, ironic enough, the woman we think is responsible for Victor’s torment looks quite similar to the actress cast to portray Ms. Moreau. What do you think?
How much trouble do you think Raven Moreau will be stirring up in Season 2? Sound off with your predictions in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into episode 4 of “Witches of East End” when the series returns Sunday, July 27 at 9 p.m. EDT.

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