Brisbane fashion house set to make a splash with Game of Thrones licenced clothes

Winter may be coming for Brisbane fashion house Black Milk, but it’s a sign of good times, not bad.
The company, which began on a kitchen table five years ago and now boasts three properties and 180 staff, has been inspired by the TV series Game of Thrones for its latest licenced collection, officially released on Tuesday.
Marketing director Cameron Parker said fans of the brand, which specialises in nylon clothes like leggings and swimsuits, had been crying out for Game of Thrones-themed products ahead of its Series Four debut on April 7.

Mr Parker said they even had a name, “Sharkies”, because they await new collections like ravenous sharks.
“What we see is girls waking up early in Europe, or staying up late in America to get to that website at 9 o’clock Brisbane time to get the gear,” he said.

That packing is done at the company’s new Newstead headquarters, which they moved into at the beginning of the year.

Graphic designs are printed onto the fabric at Bowen Hills, while the actual sewing is done nearby in Fortitude Valley.
It’s a long way from 2009, when founder James Lillis bought a sewing machine and made his first pair of leggings on his West End kitchen table. See more

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