Game of Thrones season 4 trailer promises vengeance and justice

Revenge and justice seem to be on everyone’s mind in Westeros as another trailer for Game of Thrones is released.
The latest promo for season 4 of HBO’s fantasy drama premiered last night ahead of True Detective’s finale in the US.
It kicks off with an emotional Sansa Stark talking to Tyrion about her family’s murder.
She tells her husband: ‘Do you know what they did to my mother and my brother? I lie awake all night thinking about how they died.’
We also get a glimpse of new character Oberyn Martell as he goes for a walk with Cersei.
She asks him: ‘What good is power if you cannot protect the ones you love?’
He replies: ‘We can avenge them.’
Cersei is later seen talking to her father Tywin and asking him who they can trust.
He tells her ominiously: ‘Ourselves alone.’
Ser Jorah is also seen trying to reassure Khaleesi telling her: ’You’re Daenerys. You’re the mother of dragons.’
But she hits back: ‘I need to be more than that.’
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