'Vampire Diaries' Season 5 Spoilers: New Doppelganger To Arrive in Episode 17 Titled 'Rescue Me'

Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev), the evil Petrova doppelganger, has vanished in the ending of "The Vampire Diaries" Season 5, Episode 15 "Gone Girl" but the latest spoiler reports reveal another doppelganger will arrive in the upcoming Episode 17 titled "Rescue Me." New villain Markos will be arriving as well in this episode where the storyline seem to be focusing on the Travellers and their particular interest with doppelgangers.
The synopsis for the episode in the Wet Paint report reads: "In order to keep Stefan from being harmed by Sloan and the Travelers, Caroline and Enzo agree to make a trip to Atlanta to find a newly discovered doppelganger." However, details on the identity of the doppelganger are still unknown.
Speculations suggest since Stefan is the target of Sloan (Caitlin McHugh) and the Travellers, the new doppelganger will be from the Silas (Paul Wesley) line instead of Amara (Nina Dobrev). "Would Caroline really turn an unsuspecting doppelganger over to the doppelgangers in exchange for Stefan? Probably, but that's going to be awkward. Especially if she and Enzo road trip back from Atlanta with said doppelganger in tow," another speculation in the Wet Paint report reads.
The released image stills from Episode 17 tease about Markos having a plan against Stefan with the Travellers cornering the Salvatore vampire. It looks like this episode will finally give answers to some questions like what they are up to or why do the Travellers need doppelganger blood. Click HERE to see the photos. See more
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