The Originals Flashback: Sebastian Roché and Joseph Morgan Are All Smiles (PHOTO)

Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) and his stepfather Mikael (Sebastian Roché) are arch enemies on The Originals — but the actors behind the roles seem to get on swimmingly. Check out the photo Sebastian just shared of himself and his on-screen son...
“Pop looks like that hurts @JosephMorgan, photo from our last episode,” Sebastian tweeted, along with a photo of himself and Joseph done up in their 1919 costumes for Season 1, Episode 15 (“Le Grand Guignol”). In the photo, a board is sticking out of Joseph’s costume, presumably to make it look as if he has been impaled by it. He finishes the look with an expression of faux-grimace on his face. Sebastian has his arm around JoMo, and his finger touching the tip of the board, a big smile on his face. These two are the best!
This scene was decidedly less cheery on screen. In the episode, Mikael is called to New Orleans by Rebekah after centuries of having hunted Klaus. He stages a gruesome opera for Klaus, using his loved ones as injured or dead characters on the stage. Then, he promises Klaus that, once he’s killed him, he will destroy everything his son has built so that no one who remembers Klaus as NOLA benefactor will live to tell the tale. Yeah, he was kind of a jerk. Sebastian seems infinitely nicer — both to his on-screen son and the general populace. See more
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