Ian Somerhalder Teaches Andy Cohen to Smoulder at SXSW

In case you hadn’t heard, SXSW recently wrapped up yet another year of amazing panels, concerts, and other live events. But perhaps one of the most amazing meetings was between Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Check out Ian teaching Andy how to deliver the perfect vamp smoulder!
“I want to open my show doing one of your signature smouldering vampire looks,” Andy told Ian. “Would you teach me?”
Of course Ian was totally down to pass the sacred art of smouldering to the biggest Bravolebrity in existence.
What’s the big secret behind Damon giving us those bedroom eyes? While looking directly into Andy’s eyes, Ian instructs: “Just think, ‘I’m yours, you’re mine. I love you, you’re mine.’ Like that. So, tilt the head a little down … tilt it a little bit to the side, squint the eyes a little bit. Boom!”
And while it looks like Andy has perfected what must make Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) weak in the knees, it seems a certain someone might be enamored with who is standing just inches away.
“I think I might have broke him,” Ian says. Yes, Ian, you broke him. Just like you break us every single week. Curse you and your perfect everything. See more
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