The Gig is up! Katherine we know your inside Elena’s Body! We’re going to change that! We have the photos of the confrontation!

So everyone is wondering what will Nadia do with Matt? Now that he knows will Nadia wait for the vervain to be out of his system and compel him to forget or kill him? Tyler knows something is going on with Nadia and is not buying the compelling to talk about her mom Katherine. Everyone also wants to know how long Katherine will being inside of Elena’s body. truth is its actually a short lived thing! Reportedly the next episode “Gone Girl” Caroline and Stefan realize that Katherine is well still alive and well inside Elena! In the  episode titled “Family Reunion” Its suppose to be the last of the body sharing for Katherine and Elena! Its the episode we learn about Luke! I wonder what will happen to our girl kat? The travelers didn’t want Katherine alive so will they succeed in their mission in killing Katherine? How will Nadia take this? I wonder if Katherines father is the one that wants her dead for shaming the family and becoming the reason for Klaus killing the Petrova family.
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