The Originals “Le Grand Guignol” Promo and Webclip!

In the upcoming episode of The Originals Klaus is CRAZY mad at his sister and Marcel! Elijah reinserted Papa tunes blade into Klaus heart! which means he is feeling all that pain all over again! Which puts Elijah on the hit list for Klaus as well seeing his brother and sister sticking together in a time when he feels wronged makes Klaus feel even more rejected than her already does!
The last episode of The Originals the witches turned the tables around on their enemies and are making them fight each other while the witches get stronger and more powerful than before.
Even if Celeste was killed in Sabines body it just shows that she can just jump into another body! So where is the loophole in this spell? I can see the wolves being angry because they didn’t get their promise  that the witches told them would happen. They kill the body of Sabine and Celeste jumps into another body. More at
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