The Originals Spoilers: Sneak Peek Photos For Season 1, Episode 15 — “Le Grand Guignol”

Now that the cat is out of the bag on The Originals and Klaus knows Rebekah and Marcel’s deep dark secret — that they are the ones responsible for Mikael’s arrival in New Orleans — he’s gunning for revenge. And if it weren’t for his stab wound (thanks, Elijah), he’d probably be chasing his sister and her beau down.
In Season 1, Episode 15 (“Le Grand Guignol”), Klaus is going to open up to Cami about the new revelations he learned about his family, and we’ll be treated to some more flashbacks to 1919. While Klaus is recovering and promising vengeance, Elijah is off making deals with Monique in order to find Celeste.
With Rebekah and Marcel wasting their head start, they’re going to turn to Thierry for help getting rid of the witches that are so successfully ruining their lives. Meanwhile, Hayley has captured Celeste and is going to do whatever it takes to figure out how to uncurse her werewolf clan. More at
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