The Tomorrow People: Endgame review

he Tomorrow People is running out of steam, not a good sign with a competitive Monday night lineup...

Tonight's episode of The Tomorrow People is entitled “Endgame?” Does this mean the end is in sight for this season? No? There are five episodes left? *ahem* Sorry, didn't mean to get so excited. Let's face it...The Tomorrow People has been moved to compete with Dancing With the Stars, a show that took in over 15 million viewers with its season premiere last week. Monday nights put it on after Star Crossed, a tepid CW midseason replacement. This doesn't look like a huge vote of confidence from the network, and the show continued to shed viewers in its first Monday night installment last week.
So, Stephen's dad Roger is being protected in a frozen chamber by his brother, Jed, as part of some larger plan that's being kept hidden from The Founder. He's finally resurfaced, although what happened to daughter Cassie remains unresolved. One thing is clear, however: Jed is the master of keeping his thoughts hidden, resorting to sticking a blade in his hand to keep from revealing what's in his mind. Part of the plan involves John as well, who will kill the Founder.
Turns out Cassie is in the Citadel, and is the only chance to find the Founder (who just recently strolled into Jed's office...really?). Well, at least THAT whole thread hasn't been completely abandoned. One of the most frequently recurring themes during the show has been family. Cara ends up saving her own younger sister from Ultra, after she's identified as a breakout. "Can I make them go away?" Sophie asks, about her powers. The only way to do that is to go to Ultra, and I'm pretty sure Cara won't let that happen. See more
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