'Once Upon a Time': Was Captain Hook's comment to Emma rude or romantic? Vote in our poll

On first viewing, Sunday (March 23) night's episode of "Once Upon a Time" featured a swoon-worthy moment for fans of Captain Hook's repeated attempts at wooing Emma Swan. But in the cold light of day, many fans are now upset at his "romantic" comment, believing it to be extremely rude. So just what did the pirate say that is so polarizing?

While on the hunt for the Wicked Witch in the woods during "The Tower," Emma tries to get Hook to open up about his year before the new curse took effect, and he dodges her questions by asking one of his own. Did Emma consider Walsh's proposal (before he turned into an evil flying monkey)?

"Does it matter?" Emma replies. "I got my heart broken."

"Humor me," Hook says.

Emma then confesses to Hook that yes, she did think about saying yes to Walsh, since she was in love. But then she found out that he wasn't who he said he was and her heart was once again broken. That's when Hook took a step closer, and the corners of his mouth twitched up. "If it can be broken," Hook says, "that means it still works."

Hook was once again making his intentions for Emma known, and is glad that she's still able to fall in love after so many heartbreaks. But was this the right time to tell Emma he was glad she was able to get hurt, so soon after it happened? Vote in our poll below: See more
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