'The Tomorrow People' Mystery: Who is the Real Jedikiah?

Just who is this guy? At every turn he's got us scratching our heads and squinting quizzically at our screens. He's bad. But he has a compassionate side. No, he's diabolically bad, a demon seed. Then he waxes tearful, remorseful even, as he watches people intentionally killed or drained of their paranormal abilities. 

The Tomorrow People's Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino) is an evolutionary biologist/brother-in-law/uncle/middle management Ultra marionette--That's more layers than my mom's baklava, and yes, many of them are contradictory.

Eventually, our questions about Jedikiah might get answered by The Tomorrow People fairies, but till then it's fun to speculate. Look at what we've come up with and weigh in yourself in the comment section below.

Outrageous Revelation #1: Jedikiah is a Closeted Tomorrow Person and a Double Agent 

This would be the ultimate twist, wouldn't it? And why not? It wouldn't be the first time something was exactly the opposite of what it seemed to be in the world of make-believe entertainment. 

Perhaps Jedikiah was a late bloomer who saw the challenges younger brother Roger faced as a Triple T psionic and decided he could learn more about the Homo Superior race from an observer's point of view rather than from the perspective of bacterium in a petri dish.  See more
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