Vampire Diaries Spoilers: What Are the Salvatore Brothers Doing in Season 5, Episode 20? (PHOTO)

We miss our Salvatore bros hang time on The Vampire Diaries. Things have been tense between these two for a while now. First, Elena (Nina Dobrev) dumped Stefan (Paul Wesley) to be with Damon (Ian Somerhalder), then Katherine-as-Elena dumped Damon, leaving him nothing to do but to indulge his serial-killing side. Now that Elena is back and seemingly in love with Damon, what will their brother-ship look like moving forward?
Frankly, things are looking pretty intense for Damon and Stefan in Season 5, Episode 20: “@PaulWesley & @IanSomerhalder are immortal. They'll live forever in television history. #TVD 5x20 #DirectorPride,” tweeted director Joshua Butler from the set of Episode 20, along with a photo of our boys in action. In the snapshot, Damon is in the foreground looking seriously defeated, while Stefan lingers in the background, looking concernedly at his big brother. What is going on here?
We think it might have something to do with the on-going Ripper Virus storyline and/or the Travelers’ rise to nefarious power. We know that the group of traveling witches will soon reveal their agenda, and it won’t exactly mesh with our TVDers’ life goals. See more
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