Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Will Elena's Hallucinations Put Damon in Danger?

If you thought vampire cannibal bloodlust and a poisonous bite were the only things Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) had to worry about since her infection with the Super Ripper Virus, then you would be wrong. She also has the hallucinations that come when a vampire is exposed to werewolf venom. Basically, Elena is not having the best time in next week’s episode of TVD — unless you count the hot Delena hookup?
“If you thought Katherine being sucked into hell was bad, just wait until you see what Elena is about to go through,” teased TV Guide. “Not only does she have the vampire-eating virus, but her hallucinations will also cause her to go a bit nutso.” Interesting. We’re wondering what Elena might hallucinate about. In other cases of vampires getting exposed to werewolf venom, the infected vamps tended to relive actual memories. Most recently, this was demonstrated by Nadia, who relived the centuries-long search for her mother as she lay dying from Tyler’s hybrid bite. See more
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