The Originals Star Joseph Morgan: The Season 1 Finale Script Is "To Die For"

The Originals has enjoyed a killer first season, which has only gotten better with each episode. We’re dying to see what goes down in the sure-to-be-epic Season 1 finale, and it sounds like it will be worth the wait. Though we still have five episodes before the season-ender,The Originals cast and crew just did its table read of the episode. What did star Joseph Morgan (Klaus) have to tweet about it?

“Today we do a table read of the finale of season one #TheOriginals A script to die for baby,” JoMotweeted. It’s a sign of just how far gone we are on this show that we see not one, but two possible puns in that tweet. First: “a script to die for.” Does this mean that someone will actually die in the Season 1 finale? Executive producer Julie Plec has said before that both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will see their fair share of death before their seasons are out — and some of those deaths will be main characters. Who is biting it in the Season 1 finale ofThe Originals?! See more
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